Because of Coffee



So guyssss theres somethin I need to talk about sooo much in this post:(

Not really important but…. OMG seriously it made me so much crazy.. and I want so badly to type in this post..

Lets begin.. first with explanation why I put picture of some coffee product. Well.. last night (Sept 16th),my aunt told me to buy some food for my aunt, me, and our housemaid. And yass, I say I want to buy it even I was not hungry anymore but I just like eatin’ lol. Then the only food I can suggest is nasi goreng or fried rice and I want buy it in nasi goreng seller that always I buy, not far from our home. And when I arrived that place was closed and I call my aunt and she just allow me to but anything for our dinner. And the only food that I can suggest definitely nasi goreng again (because I thought they dont like my choice except nasi goreng). And after look for and think where the place is, so I got stuck and the nearest place we can find many nasi goreng seller is in Rawa Belong (some area in West Jakarta). But money in my pocket was just Rp. 50.000,- so I bought drink that I can make them “recehan” or small change. And I dunno why I choose coffee, I just think that I should make them became “recehan” to pay the “angkot” or public transportation. Then yass after that as my expectation (and cant be doubted) many food seller in Rawa Belong. So I went to some meatball restaurant, Baso Cita Rasa a.k.a Baso Nur, but you know when I saw the price of those menu I just like… Ok maybe next time, I’ll eat you but my money was not enough lol so I move to another,  not far from Baso Nur and I find nasi goreng seller. Without thinking hard (yea) I order three nasi goreng. Take away. Seriously I bought that coffee just because I want to make my money became small chance but I drank it while I wait my order. After.. maybe 30 minutes, I went to home then ate it. Then, when I use my cellphone, my friend and I-unplanned-to-plan-to-go-to-SENAYAN .LOL. You saw it! so complicated to type this sentence (the plan that unplanned was already became plan. Guys just ignore my sentence and just go ahead read this post lol). Sooo next.. my friend and I agree to do CFD or Car Free Day in Senayan and Bunderan HI. So I try to sleep, literally that time is not my normal bed time but I just try to, so I can join in CFD without late. And this is the scary part of my story guys.. you know.. I went to my bed on 22.30 but you know I cant sleep. Yass. I cant sleep at all. I just try to close my eyes and will not open it. But I got stuck.. so much.. so I move to right then to the left till I bored. For sure guys, it was so sucks. I brought my phone (as my morning alarm), my pillows to another room. But it was not helped me anymore, I just re-try what I did in my bedroom: close my eyes, move to the right and left, and you know till when I do my try-to-sleep…. You guys guest.. You know, it is soo soo much made me crazy. I wasn’t sleep till adzan subuh or adzan dawn. And all I can do is do my bored practice, again: try-to-sleep. I cant stand with this, so I wudhu or perform abulation to do dawn prayer. And after did my dawn prayer I took a bath, I dont care, I just want to go to Bunderan HI and eat “jajajan” or street food. Well, I already mark today as my unlucky day because.. You know one of my friend dont come, I dunno actually the reason I just “baper” or upset with her (sorry Rula, but seriously you made my day soo jengjeret-drangan-trakioiot) then, it actually ruined my day.


one of the ad of coffee :”


“Di mana aja, ngapain aja. Siap-siap kena kesegaran kopinya” or in English “Wherever, whatever you doin’ get ready for the freshness of this coffee”. Yass they said like that. And yass it made me fresh. Actually fresh all night long yass yass give them supeclap. I dunno what to type again, suddenly my eyes got hurt. I cant stand anymore. I wanna punch or what I dunno that coffee lol. Bye see ya in another post:)


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